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How can school leaders empower students?

  • 1.  How can school leaders empower students?

    Posted 07-15-2022 11:11 AM
    Good day Everyone!

    Here is a quick list of ways you can empower your students in the classroom.

    1. Help students find their passion
    2. Recognize students who participate and share their thoughts
    3. Personalize lessons and make them relevant
    4. Encourage debate and expression of ideas and opinions
    5. Brainstorm with students
    6. Have patience
    7. Help students determine what they want and find their passion
    8. Practice empathy and resilience
    9. Promote leadership and explore different forms of it
    10. Help students problem solve, analyze and research issues and idea

    Please let me know what your ideas are for empowering students. 

    macarria stovall
    building hope