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How we get our staff to stay

  • 1.  How we get our staff to stay

    Posted 10-27-2022 11:40 AM

    I saw a quote from a teacher on Twitter: "I think teaching is the only job you have to work before you get to work, so you have work to do at work. Then, because I had no time at work to work, I have to work after work to catch up on the work I didn't do while at work."

    This year, many veteran teachers are leaving the classroom. Teachers commonly attribute their departure to things we've all experienced as new teachers and school leaders:

    • lack of administrative support
    • respect for the profession
    • unfair pay
    • work-life balance

    You can read this article to read several teacher testimonies about their experiences in education and why they left the profession. 

    My questions to all school leaders, former school leaders, or even current teachers: 

    • How do you motivate, encourage, and inspire your staff to get up every day and come to work for you to achieve your school's mission despite all the reasons they could have to leave?
    • What do you do to support teachers' professional development and service their social, emotional, and mental needs? 
    • What from these teacher testimonies resonates with you? 

    Anthony Vallejo
    Manager-Business Development
    Building Hope
    Converse TX