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  • 1.  School = A Business

    Posted 10-26-2022 09:03 AM
    Though we don't like to think of schools as businesses, when you consider the operations side of a school, it IS a business.  Every business needs to hire the right people, rely on their reputation for a strong customer base, stay "in the black", and have commitment to the mission.  Though a school's mission will be education focused, a strong and faithful business approach will support that mission.

    Hiring - a school must be on a constant search for highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to modling the young minds of those in their care.  The school that has a strong and dedicated leader is one that is headed in the right direction.  Lastly, though Board Members are not hired, their impact on a school is undeniable.

    Reputation - Parents talk.  If their talk is positive your school will have the greatest advertisement possible, the word of the "mom".  Parents are much more likely to enroll their child in your school if another parent has vouched for it and trust their children to it's care.  Consider: Are your parents happy?  Are your facilities safe?  Are children learning?  What is your school's reputation?

    Sticking to the Budget - Money shouldn't be the focus of a school's mission, but if it isn't considered a crucial part of the stability of the school, then it is likely that they will soon find themselves "in the red".  Generating funds to finance the operations of the school should not be left up to how much money is collected through student enrollment.  Pursue investors, donations, fundraisers and ways to lessen expenses in order to guarantee a strong financial future for your school.

    Commitment - A business owner can't just quit and close its doors at the first sign of struggle.  A strong school leader will guide te employees, students and parents through troubling storms while staying true to the mission of the school.  Always keeping the mission and vision at the forefront of all that is done is an essential part of being committed to success.

    What do you find are key aspects of running your school "as a business" in order to support the greater mission?

    Trisha Leitem
    Assist. Director of School Services
    Fort Lauderdale